JOOST van der Westhuizen said that his axing by sports broadcaster Supersport was "part of the punishment for my mistakes", write Sally Evans and Lauren Cohen in The Times.

Former Bok star Joost van der Westhuizen's biography – Man in the Mirror – hits the shelves next week

Van der Westhuizen admits in his book Joost: The Man in the Mirror, released today, that he had taken drugs and had "sexual relations" – but not sex – with a woman who was not his wife.

Van der Westhuizen had vehemently denied that it was he in a 29-minute sex-and-drugs video tape released to the media in February that showed a man receiving oral sex and sniffing a white powder.

He has said the revelation of the 2006 tryst nearly cost him his marriage – and yesterday the sports broadcaster announced that it had cost him his job as a commentator.

Supersport suspended Van der Westhuizen after the release of the sex tape.

Then, in a statement released, Supersport said that, after it had "perused extracts" of the biography, both parties "have mutually agreed to terminate the freelance agreement between them".

The former Springbok captain publicly apologised to his wife, Afrikaans singer Amor Vittone, his family and his fans for taking drugs and having the affair.

Van der Westhuizen did not want to discuss the effect of the revelations on his relationship with his wife and his family, saying only: "I sorted it out with them in August."

But he did admit that the release of the book had reopened old wounds.

"Of course, it's not lekker for them [but] it's something I knew I had to do. We just have to work through [it]."

He said in an interview with The Times yesterday that he "respected" Supersport's decision to fire him as a presenter, following his admissions.

"They've got a brand to protect and there is nothing I can do. I respect their call. It is part of my punishment for my mistakes."

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