A RADIO journalist has been arrested and locked up by the Al-Shabaab administration in Wanlaweyn district of the lower Shebelle region of Somalia, writes Dennis Itumbi for journalism.co.za.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has confirmed the incident and says it is deeply concerned about the arrest of the radio journalist on 21 February 2010.

Ali Yusuf Adan, a correspondent of Radio Somaliweyn for Lower Shabelle region, was arrested by the Al-Shabaab administration in the region and was later transferred to a prison in Merca town, headquarters of Lower Shabelle region.
Al-Shabaab did not announce the reasons for the arrest.

"Our reporter, Ali Yusuf was arrested by the Al-Shabaab administration and now he is being held in Merca town," Abukar Hassan Kadaf, the Director of Somaliweyn radio was quoted as having told NUSOJ.

It is believed that the arrest follows a report filed on 20 February by the journalist about Al-Shabab militias who shot a man over prayer delay in Wanlaweyn.

"We are concerned about the safety of Ali Yusuf Adan. We demand safe return of the journalist. Al-Shabaab must stop  edicts and repressive actions,' said Omar Faruk Osman, NUSOJ Secretary General.

Despite censorship and repressive regulations imposed by the Al-Shabaab that led many journalists to flee the territories under their control, many journalists are still working under the harsh conditions.