Patrick Otim, a freelance journalist based in Pader, northern Uganda and 10 other men have been charged with treason in a Kampala court, writes Anne Mugisa in the New Vision.

Among them are two former LRA rebels who had been incorporated into the UPDF after they received amnesty.

The state said they formed a rebel group, the Popular Patriotic Front (PPF), and were recruiting people to fight the Government.

They allegedly mobilised logistical support for their rebellion, which included satellite phones, solar panels, Global Positioning System (GPS) machines, black polythene sheets, gum boots, walkie talkies, laptops and fire-arms.

The 11 suspects appeared before Buganda Road Court Magistrate Geoffrey Sayekwo but were not allowed to enter plea because the court did not have jurisdiction. They were unkempt.

Sayekwo read out the charges before sending them on remand to Luzira Prison. They face a second, alternative charge of concealing treason.

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