AN INKATHA Freedom Party protest march in central Durban turned violent
yesterday when the police fired rubber bullets at protesters, injuring
The Times photographer Tebogo Letsie, writes Harriet Mclea in The Times.

About 300 protesters split into two rival groups and clashed while marching to the IFP offices.

One group demanded that three expelled IFP Youth Brigade leaders be reinstated. They were expelled from the brigade after they led calls for the transformation of the party, including the ousting of its president, Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

The other group is against the proposed changes.

Superintendent Vincent Mdunge said that when the police realised that the situation was “potentially life-threatening”, they used stun grenades and then rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

He did not say what the crowd had done to provoke the shooting.

Letsie said he was standing near the police and was carrying his large camera when he was shot, just under his arm. 

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