Two journalists were attacked as they investigated a report about Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe owning a luxury property in Hong Kong, according to a report on

Photographer Tim O'Rourke said two men and a woman at the exclusive house attacked the journalists and seized a camera.

Britain's Sunday Times reported Mugabe and his wife Grace had secretly bought the R58 million property in the city's Tai Po district, saying it was first in Asia to be identified as the Mugabes'.

O'Rourke was attacked by Grace Mugabe and her bodyguards in January when he and another photographer folowed up a report that Mugabe's daughter Bona was studying at the University of Hong Kong.

O'Rourke was attacked when he began to take photographs of the house.  He said the latest attack happened on Friday as he and Colin Galloway went to the property to deliver a letter on behalf of the Sunday Times.

They were questioned by a black man and woman and when O'Rourke began to take photographs of the house he was attacked.

"She started shouting 'He has got a camera. He is taking photos.'

"She and another man both grabbed me. They were trying to rip the camera out of my hand," O'Rourke said.

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