THE Ugandan cabinet has set out twelve tough demands, before the Central Broadcasting Station (CBS) can be allowed back on air, among them that it changes its physical location and dissociates itself from the traditional king, the Kabaka, writes Dennis Itumbi for jocoza.

Though the cabinet resolved to allow the station temporarily back on air it was clear, "if the conditions are not met the licence will be revoked permanently."

The radio taken off air 19 weeks ago, has been ordered to relocate from Bulange Mengo, the seat of the Buganda Kingdom, sack all employees who incited the September 2009 Kampala riots and apologize to government in writing.

President Yoweri Museveni who chaired a cabinet sub-committee into the issue on Thursday night, led his government's top decisionmaking body to further demand that the station publicly apologize to the government in writing.

It has also emerged that the State House meeting decided that disaffected CBS staff who sued the government over closure of the radio should immediately abandon litigation or the government will freeze dialogue with the broadcaster and let the courts decide.

CBS was also asked to re-apply for a new broadcasting licence after the initial one was revoked during the station's shutdown some four months ago.

In addition, CBS management must ensure that all those people consistently breaching the broadcasting standards should not appear on air again.

The station's management, according to the government conditions leaked to the media, should be immediately changed.

Reached on phone Mr Kaaya, the radio MD who is also a shareholder, said he was surprised to learn of the decision from the media because "we have never once before been informed of the conditions".

"Until we have got those conditions officially, I cannot comment and when we get them, I will sit with the Board [of Directors] and we decide on what to do accordingly," he said.

The CBS team must also provide written proof of compliance, thirty days after being allowed back on air.