Trustees for Brett Kebble’s estate are pursuing legal action against
financial journalist David Gleason, Kebble’s friend of nearly 30 years,
in a bid to recover R1,3m made in donations to him, writes Chantelle Benjamin in Business Day.

Gleason, in court papers resisting a request by the trustees for summary judgment, defended the payments he received personally from Kebble and those made to his company, David Gleason Publications, between 2003 and 2005, saying Kebble had been helping him financially.

He is to return to court in August to defend himself against claims by the trustees of Kebble’s insolvent estate.

“I run a small publishing company … and owing to the fact that from time to time (it) experienced financial difficulties, I would on occasion approach Brett Kebble, who I had known for some time, for financial assistance and, given our prior history, Kebble furnished me with assistance,” Gleason said in his affidavit.

Trustees Ansie Venter, Bantubonke Nduna and Hans Klopper of Independent Recovery Advisors, appointed to trace and recover several million rands for creditors such as South African Revenue Services , allege the donations were made to Gleason when Kebble was already insolvent.

In terms of the Insolvency Act, this is a “disposition without value” because Kebble’s estate did not get any monetary value for it.

The court papers document in some detail 22 payments of R50000 and upwards made to Gleason between April 2003 and August 2005, a month before Kebble was gunned down in his car in Johannesburg.

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