The Government and media stakeholders have struck a deal on a raft of proposed amendments to the controversial Media Bill, writes Elizabeth Mwai in the East African Standard

The Media Owners Association (MOA) chairman, Mr Hannington Gaya, on Sunday termed the changes "satisfactory".

An Orange Democratic Movement-Kenya activist and media consultant, Mr Tony Gachoka, also welcomed the proposed changes to the Bill, which has sparked off a confrontation between Government and industry players.

But the two were apprehensive that a Parliament deemed hostile to the media may interfere with the passing of what they perceived as a "healthy" Bill.

Of great importance was the clause defining a journalist by inserting the words "holds a diploma or degree in mass communication from a recognised institution of higher learning and is recognised by the council as such.

"This makes journalism a respected profession as it distinguishes who is a journalist and who is not," Gaya said.

The Bill also defines journalism, the meaning of a media enterprise and a publication.

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