Creativity is the benchmark for “what we do in radio”

By Kayleen Morgan

Alfie Jay from Algoa FM spoke about on-air campaigns and audience engagement across different media platforms. Jay explained that the target market and planning is important when setting up a campaign.

It is important to take the values of the audience into consideration when designing a campaign according to Jay. “We live in a country where different things have a diversity of meanings for a different people”, he says.

Radio feeds off the audience the same way that a rockstar feeds off the energy from the fans according to Jay. Because of this, Jay indicated that it is key to add an element of fun when one is designing a campaign for radio.

Radio days africa 2

Alfie Jay from Algoa FM speaking at Radio Days Africa.

There are fundamental questions which need to be answered when designing a successful radio campaign according to Jay. He says that a campaign cannot be designed to appeal to everyone.

The specific target market needs to be identified because the target market affects every other aspect involved when creating the radio campaign.

The audience which engages with the campaign ultimately results in the success of the campaign. Jay explained that one way to ensure success is by merging on-air promotions with the campaign that is being run.

“User-generated content should be recycled back into promos.” Furthermore, he says that audiences enjoy hearing and seeing themselves in these campaigns in contrast to voice-overs for instance

“Something that is beautiful takes time”, says Jay, so it’s important to maintain creativity when setting up a campaign. Jay challenged members of the radio industry to be more creative because creativity is the benchmark for “what we do in radio.”  

Jay concluded by indicating that it is important to plan and think about the result before working on the execution. Furthermore, humans like to have fun and that be a key-component when setting up a campaign.


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