The Government sanctioned the raid on The Standard Group on March 1, last year, to stop the media house from publishing articles that would have tarnished President Kibaki's name, a report tabled in Parliament says, writes Jibril Adan in the East African Standard.

When he appeared before the committee that compiled the report, Internal Security minister, Mr John Michuki, said The Standard had lined up articles that would have impinged on the person of the President.

Michuki said the stories contained allegations that some Government officers were involved in tribal clashes and terrorist bombings.

The report also adds that a story published by newspaper on alleged meeting between Kibaki and Mr Kalonzo Musyoka might have triggered the raid.

Michuki, the report adds, claimed the Commissioner of Police, Maj-Gen Hussein Ali, knew about the plans to raid the Group's offices and printing press.

"The minister's admission of the Government's knowledge and execution of the raid is a clear indictment of the Government," the report says.

It then draws a conclusion that Kibaki must have been aware of the plan.

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