Homosexuality, in general, has prompted a number of conversations which until today some questions remain a mystery, which some leads some to come up with their own narrative that they seem to be comfortable with

According to research Thirty-eight of 53 African nations criminalizes homosexuality and punishable by death.
Diversity in sexual orientation whether gay, straight, bisexual or somewhere in between has sparked long-standing controversies across the globe. Recent debates have centered on the human rights for same-sex couples. After an unacceptable remark by a local minister form Musina, CJN collaborated with Musina Advice office to bring light to this unacceptable behavior and to dispel the myths about homosexuality. According to the troubling research, more than half (55%) of us live with the fear that we will experience discrimination due to our sexual orientation or gender identity. And that fear is based on lived reality; 44% of those surveyed confirmed that they had experienced discrimination in the past two years due to their LGBT status, reports have said.

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