In Kenya, six running-mates to presidential candidates were expected for a live debate at Nairobi’s Catholic University on 17 July. Only one took to the podium. Did Muthiora Eliud Kariara have his facts right? 

Ahead of Kenya’s general election in early August, eight TV stations and over 30 radio stations got together to organise a series of debates for the presidential candidates and their running-mates.

The first debate on 10 July failed to take off after the eight presidential candidates claimed they were not consulted. The organisers then cancelled it.

For the second debate on 17 July, for running mates, only one candidate turned up: Muthiora Eliud Kariara, who is on the ticket of Dr Japheth Kavinga Kaluyu. Instead of a debate, he had the floor for 52 minutes of prime broadcasting time.

The former student leader, who said he was once a pig farmer and a banker, is vying on an independent ticket.

While Kariara spoke in general terms – much like the seasoned politician he isn’t – we isolated two factual claims he made on his night of fame.

Africa Check contacted Kariara for the evidence that underpinned his claims. He promised to send a detailed response via email but hadn’t done so by the time of publishing this report. 

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