Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has won a high court order to
stop activist Terry Crawford-Browne claiming he is guilty of corruption
over the multibillion-rand arms deal, according to a report on M&G Online.

The interim order was handed down by Cape High Court Judge Andre le Grange, who said Crawford-Browne had not provided a "shred of evidence" for his claims.

"On the available evidence, the statements made by the respondent [Crawford-Browne] are in my view defamatory and part of an ongoing campaign to deliberately undermine the applicant," the judge said.

"The limited restraint on free speech resulting from the order I make is not directed to stop the respondent from participating in a debate of immense public importance.

"The restraint is directed at the manner in which the respondent has chosen to participate in the debate and the methods he chose to employ."

Le Grange said his ruling would hold, pending the outcome of an application by Manuel for a permanent order, which he instructed the minister to launch within 20 days.

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