The Lesotho Parliament has rejected an opposition motion seeking the 
transformation of government controlled broadcasters, writes Mzimkhulu

The motion had called for Radio Lesotho and Lesotho Television to be placed under an independent body.

The ruling Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD) opposed the motion on the grounds that government should also have a stake in media, even if it is turned into a corporation.

Communications Minister Mothetjoa Metsing argued that for a public broadcaster to be independent did not mean it should be removed from government.

He told the House that though he agreed with the motion, he did not like the way it was worded and proposed it should be rejected by the House.

The minister quoted the Lesotho National Broadcasting Services Bill of 2004 that he said was proposing transformation of Radio Lesotho and Lesotho Television.

He assured the House the motion was not necessary as government was in the process of turning the broadcasters into public service broadcasters.