NOTORIOUS media ‘hangman’ Tafataona Mahoso has been implicated in the forced seizure of yet another farm in Mutare, as the countrywide wave of farm invasions continues to escalate, writes Alex Bell for SW Radio Africa.

Mahoso has reportedly ordered farmer Charles Bezuidenhout to leave his Welverdien Farm, which was sub-divided years ago as part of the so-called land ‘reform’ programme. Bezuidenhout had originally accepted the government’s offer to split up the land, giving part to land beneficiaries, on the condition that he is allowed to continue farming on his smaller piece of land. But that guarantee has gone up in smoke, with Mahoso last month storming the property and announcing he was taking over.

According to media reports, Bezuidenhout had resisted Mahoso’s attempts to evict him, arguing there was no offer letter to support the claims to the land. But Mohoso has now reportedly returned with an offer letter, ordering Bezuidenhout to leave immediately.

“It’s the law of the jungle really. Mahoso produced an offer letter and just took the farm just like that,” Bezuidenhout reportedly said.

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