President Robert Mugabe has complained that he can not read the state
newspapers because the font size of the print is “so small like ants”,
writes Gugu Ziyaphapha.

Information Minister, Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, told editors and journalists at the government-owned newspapers that Mugabe wanted the font size increased because his vision is poor and he can not read the papers.

The minister told the editors that Mugabe really wanted to read for himself what is going on in the country but could not because of his poor eyesight.

Ndlovu said as result of the small font size, the president ended up calling him to read the papers for him.

“The President clearly said he could not read stories in the Herald. Once when he wanted to read a story on page two about MDC and Zanu PF he failed. He called me and said ‘Sikhanyiso what is this? Yibunyonyo (It's ants),”said Ndlovu.

A public media journalist who attended the meeting with the minister said everyone was surprised and could not hold back the laughter because they thought it was a joke.

Pikirayi Deketeke, the Herald editor, told Ndlovu that it was difficult to change the font size because it was an international standard.