The Namibian government plans to establish a Media Council to 'police' media ethics and to provide a platform for the public to complain about media reports, writes Brigitte Weidlich in The Namibian.

This was announced by Government spokesperson, Information and
Broadcasting Minister Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, in Windhoek yesterday.

The move follows a recent congress resolution by the ruling Swapo Party.

Briefing reporters, the Ministers said Government was aware of "the
uneasiness among the media fraternity about the call by the Swapo
congress for the creation of a media council by Government.

"Our Government has to implement the SADC Protocol on Culture, Information and Sport, to which it is a party," she said.

The new institution is purportedly in line with a protocol on culture
and information all 14 member states of the Southern African
Development Community (SADC) had to adhere to, she said.

Nandi-Ndaitwah gave no indication when the Media Council wold be established, but said that the media would be consulted.

"But Government has the last say in this matter, also under which
Government institution it should be run or if it would be an
independent body," said the Minister.

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