THE Editors’ Forum of Namibia has appointed human rights lawyer Clement Daniels as Ombudsman to deal with public complaints against the media, according to a media release.


Mr Daniels has a strong background with regard to human rights and the law. He worked for he Legal Assistance Centre for 15 years and served as Director of the LAC for nearly five.

e later served as a magistrate in the regional and labour courts, and is currently employed by the Namibian Standards Institution.

He was appointed at an extraordinary meeting of the EFN held on Friday, 7 August 2009, and he has accepted the appointment with immediate effect. The Editors’ meeting also unanimously adopted amendments to its Constitution, including a Code of Ethics to govern journalists and the establishment of a self-regulatory process in respect of grievances and complaints by members of the public against the media.

Public complaints will be dealt with by a Media Ombudsman, a Media Complaints Committee and a Media Appeals Board established for the purpose of receiving and adjudicating on complaints of members of the public against the media.

The EFN also adopted a Complaints Procedure in terms of the Code of Ethics. The issue of a self-regulatory mechanism for the media has been on the agenda of the Editors´ Forum since its formal establishment in June 2007. In terms of the new process, the public will nominate a panel of persons (from both the general public and the media) to serve on the Media Complaints Committee. Out of these, the Editors’ Forum will then appoint 12 persons, six from the general public and six from the media, to alternately sit on the Media Complaints Committee.

The Appeals Chairperson will be a retired judge or magistrate with knowledge of the Namibia media landscape. The Editors’ Forum is currently seeking the help of the Judge President and the Law Society in identifying such a person.

The Editors’ Forum will also embark on a campaign to familiarise the public with the Code of Ethics as well as the complaints procedure.

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