The DTA is accusing the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation of “unfair
treatment and poor journalism ethics” because of its coverage of
opposition parties, writes Nangula Shejavali in the Namibian.

In an open letter addressed to Matthew Gowaseb, the new acting Director General of NBC, DTA Secretary General McHenry Venaani complained that despite several calls over the past six years for more equitable news coverage of opposition party rallies, the NBC has failed to make any improvement.

He blasted the national broadcaster for taking almost a month to air news on the party’s commemoration of the assassination of Chief Clemens Kapuuo at Okakarara; failing to cover a rally at Katima Mulilo on May 9, with the excuse that the comments of the party’s president, Kaura, “must be further investigated”; and showing up an hour and a half late to cover a rally at Okandjengedi on Sunday, therefore having to do an interview instead of covering the event itself.

In the letter, Venaani pointed to Article 17 of the Constitution in stating that all Namibian citizens should have “the right to participate in peaceful political activity intended to influence the composition and policies of government”.

“The bylaws in statute that govern your institution and that set out clear ethics parameters to which we as Namibians want to believe that your institution seeks to objectively perfect the set standards,” the letter read.

“To our dismal disappointment, your institution is busy with a clear political perpetuation of one-party dominance through everyday covering rallies of the ruling party and macro attempt to re-edit what the opposition is saying. That attitude and behaviour of your corporation we as a party shall not succumb to, now and in the future,” Venaani wrote.

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