NBC Director General Bob Kandetu has warned journalists at Oshakati not to favour certain political parties in their reporting, writes Absalom Shigwedha in The Namibian.

"Our obligations is to cover all social, political and other events and to do so fairly within the realm of human possibility and should we fail, it must be because of our limited capabilities," Kandetu told NBC staff at Oshakati on Wednesday afternoon.

Kandetu said it would be a sad day if the electronic media, the national broadcaster in particular, took sides in their coverage.

This week, the Secretary of the Swapo Youth League accused NBC radio and television of being "hell-bent on sabotaging and frustrating Swapo supporters".

Elijah Ngurare alleged that most NBC managers were supporters of the newly formed Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) and were using the corporation's facilities to promote the party.

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