ZBC Television last week launched a brand new breakfast show, Good Morning Zimbabwe that runs every weekday from 6 am to 8 am, according to a report in The Herald.


Good Morning Zimbabwe replaces Business Today, a shorter one-hour programme that was recently phased out in favour of the two-hour news programme, after running for almost a year.

The new programme is news-driven. It carries general, business and sports news, as well as features on entertainment and business issues and live studio interaction.

ZBC TV's special projects deputy editor-in-chief, Josephine Zulu, said Good Morning Zimbabwe should give viewers a fresh take on what is happening around Zimbabwe.

She said daily segments of the programme include early news, weather, press reviews, daily special, traffic reports, business breakfast as well as sports update.

Early News gives a 10-minute recap of major stories in the previous day's main news bulletin, while the weather segment provides daily forecasts.

The press review segment covers newspaper headlines with assistance from analysts.

Daily special is a slot for guests and any special reports for the day.

The traffic report segment provides police reports on commuter traffic, while the business breakfast segment features local, regional and international business news, including a stocks and money market round up.

Sports news, reviews, previews and interviews make up the sports update segment.

Our world today contains features on profiles, entertainment, business, health and the arts.

"Good Morning Zimbabwe covers a variety of topics. Every weekday morning it will open up your mind to all the things that you need to know about Zimbabwe and the world beyond," said Zulu.

"It is being hosted by an interesting team of both male and female presenters," she said.

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