The Cape Times has appointed its first woman editor in the newspaper's 133-year history. Alide Dasnois, who has been the newspaper's deputy editor since 2006, has beguns her tenure as executive editor, according to a report in the paper.

She replaces Tyrone August, who resigned late in 2008.

Dasnois said it was a privilege to be appointed to head the Cape Times, "a paper with a long and proud history".

"Newspapers all over the world are going through difficult times. Here, too, budgets are being cut and newsrooms are shrinking.

"The challenge for us at the Cape Times is to ensure, despite all these difficulties, that our paper continues to play its role in building democracy in South Africa, that many voices are heard, not just those of the powerful.

"But the Cape Times has some of the most talented and hard-working journalists – reporters, editors, sub-editors and photographers – in the country. I'm sure we will rise to this challenge," she said.

She is a former editor of Business Report and was acting editor of the Pretoria News before returning to Cape Town in 2006 to work alongside August, a man she describes as "one of the most meticulous and ethical journalists in South Africa".

Chris Whitfield, the editor-in-chief of Independent Newspapers Cape, said Dasnois was "an outstanding journalist".

Whitfield announced several other executive appointments.

Gasant Abarder, who is currently the deputy editor of the Daily Voice, will become the Cape Argus's executive editor, while Janet Heard, currently the Argus's assistant editor, will become the Weekend Argus's executive editor.

Martine Barker, who is currently the executive editor of the Cape Argus, has been appointed the managing editor of Independent Newspapers Cape.

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