Job Description : Podcast Producer & Host for Radio New Frame
Employer name: Centre for Pan African Media : New Frame

Contact person name: Kola Mavume
Email Address:
Contact number: 010 020 6764

Position type: Full time

Qualification and experience

• Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or Broadcast communication.

• At least two years relevant experience in professional, full-time podcasting.

• Strong knowledge of and interest in politics and current affairs with a focus on progressive politics in SA and globally.


Necessary skills

• Solid writing, organisational, editorial decision-making, technical skills relevant to podcasting, ability to produce sound-rich and creative podcast packages and voicing skills.

• Ability to consistently perform in a highly detailed and deadline-oriented environment.

• Ability to build rapport and trust with people from diverse backgrounds.


Position Objectives and Responsibilities:

• Generate ideas for podcasts.

• Research for packages, scripts and episodes.

• Set up interviews with relevant guests across the globe.

• Edit and produce packages for podcasts.

• Host and present podcast episodes.

• Plan and help build a forward diary for the podcasts.



Closing date: 13 July 2021. Please provide covering letter, CV and three examples of podcast packages.