A senior Zimbabwean journalist has launched  a website  for Zimbabwean journalists, those who write about Zimbabwe and newsmakers at http://www.mediainzimbabwe.com/, according to a media release.

This website is an offshoot of ZimJournalists Arise which hit the internet on August 26 2006 to Feburary 2007at http://zimjournalist1.blogspot.com/.

“This  is in realization that,  journalists  play an important role to deal with problems in the country and to prepare for the future of a New Zimbabwe,”said MIZ editor in a press statemen.

“Hundreds of Zimbabwean journalists have been forced into the streets or into exile for political and economic reasons, save for a few and a handful of freelancers. Despite the obstacles of facing rentless harassment, torture, arrests, victimization of all sorts, including poor working conditions, we believe that change, as sure as tomorrow will come is Coming and we want the Zimbabwean media to be in line with that change, added MIZ editor.

The website   serves as a central point for Zimbabwean journalists whose main function is to link journalists with newsmakers, so that the former can actively cover events and for the latter  to publicize their events. It is hoped the website will be the first stop for those who  want information on the Zimbabwean media or  for investors, students etc.

The website circulates information that journalists may find handy in their work, provide a platform for communication between newsmakers and journalists and also for journalists themselves to network.

Its  main focus is to promote well- informed and well-trained journalists, by keeping journalists up to date with  training opportunities, fellowship programs, awards and any useful information they may find useful in their work.
 “We plan to do this by highlighting job opportunities, fellowship programs and any other activities that keep journa’s abreast with media activities, that they can benefit from, in line with our motto, Striving For A Better Zimbabwean Journalist, said MIZ editor.

The website  is run on the premise that  although the current media may be governed by oppressive pieces of  legislation such as AIPPA,  but journalists need to continue with their work the best they can, to   defeat the enemies of  press freedom and prepare for the future.

“MIZ believes in paving way the way for  free and rrobust  media  beause  we realise the potential  Zimbabwean journalists.  A number of our journalists are doing well especially in  neighbouring countries such as Botswana,  South Africa and Namibia” said MIZ editor adding that the growing number of publications, radio stations and news websites, that have sprouted outside the Motherland are also an indicator of the country’s talent.

“Therefore given a chance, the Zimbabwean media can spring back to life one day and we want to prepare journa's for that day, by taking it from a media operating in a crisis environment,  a post-conflict era and into a young democracy, “said MIZ editor..

The website promotes the  need for journalists who are sensitive to human rights and democracy, JOURNALISTS that are past partisan journalism. Journalists who will report fairly and objectively, without fear nor favor.

The website is for all Zimbabwean journalists whether they work for the state media, private or international media.
“Even state media workers are part of the website's plans because we realise that although they may be used by the regime to churn out propoganda, most of them are not doing so willingly but are doing it to survive,” points out MIZ editor.

Media In Zimbabwe  will reach out to these journalists, expose them to news, training programes and organisations that can help them become better journalists in a New Zimbabwe. MIZ hopes that they too will be enlightened, to the ethics and professional standards of professional journalism. MIZ also hopes to expose them to news and opportunities beyond the eyes of the ruling party.

Another area of special interest to  will be freelance journalists. Although there are no statistics, freelance journalists, consist quite a number of journalist, most of whom have been made jobless because of the closure and turmoil in the Zimbabwean media. Most of these freelancers, donot have access to press statements, reports etc. This is where we would like to come in to help them with some of the  information they need.

Media In Zimbabwe is NOT a news website, but a TOOL  for journalists, and  covers media news in Zimbabwe, Africa and the world.

Although still under development the website, also has  pages on training institutions, a page on Zimbabwean media organisations, contacts for journalists in distress, posts from the Media Monitoring project of Zimbabwe and a section on the country’s media history.

“The website will be constantly updating and working to improve its site,  to give its readers a better product and thus sugestions, coments etc o what readers and journalists think are encouraged,” said MIZ editor..

MIZ  will also has a section on news headlines, on a small scale, in line with our policy of running as a tool for journalists,  and not a news website.

But MIZ editor emphasised that the website will not to direct journalists to report in any particular way but to   promote journalism that does not discriminate on the basis of tribe, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other basis.
“ This also involves dealing with any opposition and democratic forces, whom we believe are also accountable to the people of Zimbabwe.,” said MIZ editor.

Said MIZ editor “MIZ  is currently operating on  a voluntary organisations but welcomes those who may want to share information  that with fellow media workers, promotions,  career moves, thoughts on a particular subject etc are more than welcome to contact us”.

“Newsmakers are  also encourged  to communicate through us, to the  hundreds of journalists in Zimbabwe and all over the world at editor@mediainzimbabwe.com or mediainzimbabwe@gmail.com,,” added MIZ editor.

“We are also open to working with organisations and individuals in sharing our goals,” said MIZ.