The rainbow gay and lesbian flag flew high when about 200 protesters gathered in Joburg on Tuesday. Bright colours, high heels and heart-shaped glasses did not detract
from the serious nature of the protest at the Sunday Sun's Media Park
offices in Auckland Park, writes Angelique Serrao in The Star.

The group were there to voice disapproval of a column written by Jon Qwelane which appeared in the newspaper.

Headlined, "Call me names but gay is NOT okay", the column caused a huge furore for its homophobic sentiment.

On Tuesday the Press Ombudsman ruled that the article was in breach of the Press Code, in that it published "denigratory references to people's sexual orientation" and implied that homosexuals are a "lower breed" than heterosexuals.

Joe Thloloe found the report did not constitute hate speech and was unlikely to incite violence.

"There is nothing in the column that incites hatred and calls for the harming of homosexuals.

"Columnists are protected by the constitution for as long as their comments don't propagate war, incite imminent violence, or advocate hatred that constitutes incitement to cause harm," Thloloe said.

"Qwelane was well within the law but fell foul of the Press Code."

Thloloe ordered the Sunday Sun to publish an apology.

To the newspaper's credit, it responded to the lashing Qwelane got from readers but fell short of apologising.

Thloloe said he had received nearly 1 000 complaints.

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