Interesting URLs for and on Investigations

A Watchdog’s Guide to investigative Reporting
A simple introduction to principles and practice in investigative reporting.

Watchdog Culture: Why You Need it, How You Can Build it
Top news execs pursue answers to seven key questions pegged to creating a watchdog culture.

Slapping a Headline on Watchdog Journalism
Themes from the seminar on watchdog journalism, plus specific steps to make it happen in newsrooms.

The Bowden Method: Reconstructing the Narrative
The master of the historical tick-tock spoke at Poynter last week and described what it takes to tackle big projects — and how revisiting sources can make all the difference.

Serving a Public Trust, Guarding the Truth
Restoring a culture that values making a pound of difference way ahead of making tons of money.

The Evolution, or Devolution, of News

Investigative Blogging

Winners & Watchdogs

Finding a Niche for Investigative Journalism

A Guide to Computer Assisted Reporting
Tips and tales of investigative journalism.

Sites of interest:
This website provides detailed information on various investigative journalism conferences, summer schools in London and New York and the recent Spring School held in South Africa.
This site gives information about The Fund for Investigative Journalism. The Fund for Investigative Journalism gives grants, ranging from $500 to $10,000, to reporters working outside the protection and backing of major news organizations.

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