BBC director general Mark Thompson has warned staff the process of change that has seen thousands of job cuts and structural upheaval will continue "probably forever", writes Leigh Holmwood on

Mr Thompson, speaking at a press conference to launch the BBC annual report this afternoon, confirmed he would announce further changes to the structure of the BBC as part of his Creative Future strategy on July 19.
His three-year Value for Money initiative will see 6,000 job cuts in a bid to save £3.3bn by March next year.

Some staff have complained the constant re-structuring has taken the focus away from programming and has damaged morale.

However, Mr Thompson said change was now a permanent feature of the media industry and staff would have to get used to it.

"We are going through a big process of change that will continue probably forever," he said. "It does inevitably mean a level of disruption, but what we have done with Creative Future is set out a road map for the what the BBC is here to do.

"I believe that after this programme the BBC will have to go on having to look for more productivity and better value."

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