In this week’s show we looked at the bird flu epidemic that is spreading across the nation.

In our science news there’s people who tend to change the pitch of their voice depending on who they are talking to, and a new beer that can make you healthier.

Hear from Doctor Kim Haddad from VCA San Carlos Animal Hospital about zoonotic diseases,which can affect both animals and humans.

In Unscience, we looked at research on beatles that can rise from the dead like zombies.

Also, we find out more about the avian (bird) flu epidemic in SA with Dr.Charlotte Nkuna from the South African Poultry Association.

This episode of The Science Inside is presented by Matthew Law and DJ Keyez. Our production team is Gabriel Chemhuru , Nelly Black and Moniq Lyons, with technical production by Kutlwano Serame.

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