“This is a great opportunity to promote responsive journalism and
democracy in Kenya”, says Munene Kilongi. He is standing in a street in
Nairobi while he is sending his report on the elections in Kenya from
his mobile phone. Kilongi is one of four Kenyan mobile reporters who
are joining the Voices of Africa project, an initiative of the Africa
Interactive Media Foundation, according to a media elease.

Each reporter is provided with an advanced mobile telephone, a portable key board, a telephone credit and a monthly stipend. The reporters produce articles, photos and videos and upload the content with the use of their mobile phones. In this way they are given the chance to report on African issues they consider to be newsworthy.

The Africa Interactive Media Foundation is helping young Africans build up a career in media, using mobile technologies that are now becoming available to the continent at a rapid pace. This process serves to support good governance, transparency and the development of democracy in Africa.

Voices of Africa was piloted for several months in Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Ghana. This period was used to master technology. Now, thanks to a donation of ASN Foundation, the project is gaining momentum in Kenya. As soon as Africa Interactive Media Foundation is able to secure additional financial support the project will be rolled out in the other three countries already tested. The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to get mobile reporters in all African countries.

The content that is produced by the mobile reporters can be seen on the website www.voices-of-africa.com. This website is developed and maintained by Africa Interactive with the technical support of SKOEPS.com.