Creating radio that is content positive and relates to positive living

By Ntaoleng Lechela

A group of young people living with HIV/Aids have started a radio show targeting the youth in Lesotho. This dynamic group is changing the content game and creating radio that is content positive and relates to positive living. 

The team from Positive Living.

The team from Positive Living.

Under the leadership of Thabo Motseki, the team of youngsters create material which is a radio extension of what they do at a local clinic. Baylor Clinic has two support groups aimed at teenagers and young adults. Motseki said they wanted to take what they do in the clinic into the communities of Lesotho.

Lady T, Kiddo and Channel O are among some of the youngsters that host the Positive Living Radio show, it is aimed at removing any stigmas attached to the virus and most importantly, the show serves as a platform to educate on any matters related to HIV/AIDS.

The show receives frequent feedback from listeners and continues to grow in quality and reach. Motseki and his team have started a Facebook page for the show called PLYO, this is another platform the team gets to interact with their listeners.

Positive living is at the core of what Motseki and his team advocate for and hope to continue this initiative as it helps the youth in Lesotho.

The Positive Living Radio show is a weekly show and is currently broadcasted on 91.0 in Lesotho. However, the reach is limited because the station only broadcasts in Maseru. One of the hosts, Kiddo said, “We would like to have our own radio station…” to increase the reach.


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