Judges' reasons:

This journalist showed what "doing
journalism" is all about. To "see" a story, to do the research, to go
out and "get" the story, and then to "tell" the story in an accessible,
informative, educative and entertaining way, irrespective of what the
subject is.

This journalist also showed the tenacity of those with ink in
their veins; not to let anything stand in the way of ultimately getting
the story. And, to get it first, and get it right. Whether it is the
story the world forgot, the effect of the tsunami on Africa's East
Coast, municipal service delivery or xenophobia, this journalist
applied the conceptual and practical skills to get the story to the

With passion and persistence, this journalist did not only deal
with "first phase" reporting, the breaking news aspect, but also
developed his stories into "second phase" reporting in telling the
readers how and why.

For exceptional reporting the winner is Julian Rademeyer -Sunday Times

The winning entries:

In the eye of the storm: Sunday Times 5 Sept 2004

Tsunami the last straw for Somalia's forgotten victims : Sunday Times 6 Feb 2005

Fear and loathing stalk the Free State : Sunday Times 20 Feb 2005