Rapport newspaper said it was satisfied with an out of
court settlement reached with ANC president Jacob Zuma over a
defamation and injuria claim, according to a report on iol.co.za.

"I'm satisfied," was all Rapport editor Tim du Plessis wanted to say on hearing the news of the settlement on Wednesday.

The claim relates to a reader's letter published in Rapport on April 2 2006 while the trial of Zuma on a charge of rape was underway in the Johannesburg High Court.

Du Plessis said the letter had contained one "defamatory sentence".

He said the paper had retracted the sentence later and published an apology about it in October that year.
Zuma accepted a R50 000 settlement offer on Wednesday from the owner of Rapport newspaper Media 24 and Tim du Plessis and Chris Karsten after filing a claim against them in 2006, said his spokesperson Liesl Gottert.

The parties will also cover Zuma's legal costs.

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