Reporters from Zambia's private Post newspaper have been interrogated and cautioned by police over story attacking the president. according to a release from Misa.

On 11 May, 2009, Police in Luanshya, on the Copperbelt of Zambia, recorded a warned and cautioned statement from two journalists from the privately owned The Post newspapers after interrogation.

This follows a story published in the Saturday 9 May, 2009 edition of the newspaper  in which they quote the president calling an opposition Member of Parliament (MP) for Roan Constituency,  Chishima Kambwili, a scrap metal dealer to which the MP retaliated, in  an interview with the Post, calling the President a foolish leader.

The two reporters, who were interrogated by a criminal investigations officer for over an hour, were accompanied by Copperbelt Post editor Speedwell Mupuchi, regional manager Brenda Nyirenda and lawyer Kasenge Kaunda.   In a turn of events  the MP later apologised to the President in The Post of 12 May alleging that the newspaper had misquoted him. Commenting on the interrogation of the journalists, Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Anthoneil Mutentwa said the MP had stated that he was misquoted.

“He [kambwili] denied..[the statement] he said you people misquoted him, but he apologised for the injury, humiliation the story may have caused to the President. But we would rather he does that through the newspaper,” Mutentwa was quoted by The Post of May 12, 2009.  A warned and cautioned statement was also recorded from the MP.