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“You may be a good journalist but to be a great journalist you need to learn to report well on 36% of our Population….Children.”

 Register now for the WITS Journalism & Media Monitoring Africa REPORTING ON CHILDREN IN THE MEDIA COURSE.

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Course runs for 2 weeks (both weeks inclusive): – 26th June to the 30th of June 2017 and 3rd of July to the 7th July 2017 and is Wits Journalism Honours Level Accredited.


What the Journalists from 2016 had to say:

“This course is critical for any reporter and editor who goes near a story about children. If it’s your “beat” you need to take the course. Mistakes can cost lives – and sloppiness can change someone’s future. We have a responsibility to reflect and report accurately and ethically, which is not the case in most mainstream media. Highly recommended.”

 “This course is amazing! When I signed up for it I thought it was just for academic purposes, it would be about babies, it would be just basic information on children and haaaaa, BUT I was blown away with the things I discovered which are not only applicable to children, but to adults as well. It’s skills that I will forever use in my work. As a Journalist, academic and parent I benefited immensely. I have been equipped to deal with different aspects of my children’s lives – getting to know my child, how to treat them, the laws that protect them, my roles and obligations as a parent. I benefited two-fold!!!!!”

 This exciting and unique Course is not only, “flippin awesome on my CV” M&G Reporter,  but is also available at a subsidized rate.



Why should YOU do this Course?

If you or your journalists do this course you will discover that reporting on children presents the most challenging and stimulating legal and ethical dilemmas.  Currently media professionals have to navigate their way through murky ethical waters and fight against a general lack of knowledge and sensitivity when reporting on children.

In addition to the challenges of reporting on children, the stores you do may have an impact for years to come.

The Reporting on Children in the Media Course provides intensive training on:

  • The Law and what it says about Reporting on Children;
  • Best Practice when Reporting on Children;
  • The Ethics of Reporting on Children; and 
  • Much, much more….



DATES:         The Course runs over two weeks from 26 – 30 June and 3 – 7 July 2017

TIMES:          8:15am until 4pm daily

VENUE:        Wits School of Journalism


For more information contact Taryn Hinton on or 082 940 6188 to register.

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