In partnership with Media Monitoring Africa, Wits Journalism is offering a block release course on Reporting on Children in the Media in August 2010.

Reporting on Children in the Media aims to challenge the common representation of children and their issues in and by the media, as well as open up new possibilities for alternative representations.

The course will allow participants to develop practical strategies in the development of a human rights centred approach to reporting on children and will allow participants to integrate the learnings and experience of other journalists and experts into the way in which they report children’s stories.

The course runs full time over two weeks, from 2 to 6 August and from 16 to 20 August. Read an outline for Reporting on Children in the Media.

Coordinator Taryn Hinton ( or 082 940 6188) or contact William Bird at Media Monitoring Africa ( or 011 788 1284).