rod_amner.jpgRod Amner is a lecturer in the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University. He teaches praxis-oriented courses that explore the theory and practise of a range of alternative approaches to journalism (including public/ civic journalism, citizens’/participatory journalism, development journalism, literary journalism, and radical advocacy journalism), as well as experiential reporting courses based at Grocott’s Mail, a community newspaper owned by the school.

Before joining the school, Rod was director of the Development Media Agency which provided editorial and training services to over 20 community radio stations and newspapers. His professional engagements include the Rhodes University Community Engagement Committee, the Upstart training project, the Knight Citizens Journalism Newsroom and SciCue.

Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University is the brainchild of renowned poet Prof Guy Butler who set up the original department in 1970. The school has grown each year since then to its present complement of more than 500 students over six courses of study.

With its journalistic focus, JMS educates graduates who potentially play an important role in the world of journalism, incorporates print, broadcast radio and TV in all its forms (public, private and community), and online media, both mainstream and alternative. The degrees and courses offered aim to produce thoughtful and imaginative media practitioners and the approach of the school is to integrate intellectual study with the production of media.

There are also various projects that the school are involved with which serves it students but also the greater community. These include Highway Africa, the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership and Grocott’s Mail. Website link: