The 2008 Ruth First Journalism Fellows, announced this week, are
financial journalist and senior associate editor of Business Day Hilary
Joffe and award-winning Times photographer Alon Skuy, according to a release.

They will explore the effects of the recent energy crisis on ordinary citizens, in particular on vulnerable communities, and illustrate the impact of energy-related policy decisions and the lack of access to affordable energy resources on South Africans.
With Joffe having done substantial research behind the scenes of South Africa’s current power crisis and Skuy proving to be a rising star  amongst South Africa’s news and feature photographers, both Fellows have a strong track record in social reportage, and fit the tradition of Ruth First.

The Lecture and Exhibition will be presented on August 18th, a day after the anniversary of First’s assassination in 1982 by the apartheid regime. The annual event commemorates the work of the journalist, activist and feminist.

The project is funded by the Ruth First Memorial Trust in partnership with the Heinrich Boell Foundation and the African Studies Journal and is hosted by Wits Journalism. 

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