Rwanda Television viewers may soon have choice to choose the channel to
watch while Radio Rwanda listeners will have a stronger signal, writes Gertrude Majyambere in The New Times.


Management of Orinfor—the country’s information bureau announced that they are shifting from analogue broadcasting to digital before the year ends.

And a task force to fast track Orinfor digitalisation including, Rwanda Information and Technology Agency (RITA) and the Prime Minister’s office has been formed. The group is to carry out a study and come up with the budget.

But as the study goes on, Rwanda Television production department has already been digitalised. And, they are also piloting digital television broadcasting.

“This year we must move to digital broadcasting, Kimanuka Director General of Orinfor said.

According to the plan, the studio equipment in the master control rooms, transmitters in Kigali, Karongi, Huye, Jari and Karisimbi and other stations will follow gradually.

Kimanuka however hastened to say that modern structures are needed to house the new equipment and staff need to be trained to handle the new equipment. He estimates that the transition will cost government a fortune.

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