The SABC board is hatching a plan to axe its CEO Dali Mpofu for dereliction of duty, writes Moipone Malefane in the Sunday Times.

The Sunday Times can reveal that there is a major clash between the newly appointed board led by chairman Khanyisiwe Mkonza and Mpofu over how he manages the corporation.

In a memorandum that Mkonza circulated to board members two weeks ago, she outlined how Mpofu continued to defy the board and declared that the SABC was running "a risk of reaching a crisis, operationally, financially and in terms of governance."

She expressed her concern over Mpofu’s lack of a sense of urgency on technological preparations for the 2010 World CupSoccer broadcast.

."There were serious problems pointed out in the technology division and the CEO (Mpofu) is aware that the board regards it as a very high risk area yet he has failed to treat it as such.

"In my discussion with him, he has not given me an adequate explanation as to why the reports are unavailable except that the team was working on it," said Mkonza.

She is concerned that the SABC will not be able to fulfil its gate keeping rights to feed the whole world with 2010 soccer coverage.

She said the board instructed Mpofu to take full responsibility and ensure that the technology department produced a report on how it was proceeding but by March nothing had been done.

This week, the board held an urgent meeting where a three woman committee consisting of Mkonza, Christina Qunta and Fadila Lagadien, was set up to investigate Mpofu’s conduct.

The Sunday Times has learnt that the board also intends to seek legal advice on how to get rid of Mpofu.

Mkonza has also told other board members that either she leaves or Mpofu goes.

Mpofu refused to comment yesterday saying he had not seen the document (memorandum).

The impasse between the board and Mpofu included his unavailability and non-committal to SABC matters.

According to the memorandum, the SABC currently operates without an approved budget by the board.

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