The SABC was reprimanded for broadcasting an unbalanced report creating the impression that only the security forces committed atrocities during the struggle against apartheid, according to a report on

"[T]he tribunal is of the view that one-sided impressions were created in the programme, which are to the detriment of the security force officers," the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa said in a statement.

"This does not mean that we are of the opinion that these officers were innocent of any atrocities. They (or some of them) admitted to such atrocities."

The programme also created the impression that the security officers tried to prevent their victims from giving evidence against them at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the tribunal found.

The complaint, brought by the Foundation for Equality, concerned the first of two programmes commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, broadcast on Special Assignment on November 18, 2008.

The foundation complained that the programme disregarded acts of terror committed by the ANC or other organisations.

It submitted that information about these incidents was public knowledge and could easily have been verified by the SABC. The SABC countered that the foundation had "misinterpreted and misquoted" the programme and the broadcaster maintained its belief that the episode was fair, balanced and factual.

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