The financially troubled SABC owes boxing promoters approximately R8 million for broadcast rights, writes Elijah Moholola in City Press.

This disclosure comes amid claims that promoters in turn owe Boxing South Africa (BSA) a colossal R800 000.

According to an impeccable source at BSA, the SABC has failed to cough up money owed to promoters for broadcast rights of tournaments staged since January this year.

The informant said among the affected promoters were Branco Sports Productions, Future Promotions, Robs Promotions, Mamali Productions, Mpumalanga Promotions and Knockout Promotions.

BSP has staged six tournaments so far, while Future Promotions has had two shows.

Robs, Mamali, Knockout and Mpumalanga Promotions have each held a single tournament.

In total the SABC awards 36 boxing dates per fiscal year.

The public broadcaster parts with about R150 000 for SA title fights, while the figure can get as high as R500 000 for legitimate world title fights or eliminators.

BSA gets 10% from each tournament in sanctioning fees.

The affected promoters could neither confirm nor deny being owed by the SABC.

However, B SA acting chief executive Loyiso Mtya did confirm that they are owed by promoters.

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