Pulitzer Prize winners, data journalism pioneers and the investigative reporters behind the Panama Papers will be among the speakers, presenters and delegates at the tenth Global Investigative Journalism Conference which is only a few weeks away. Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and human rights attorney Beatrice Mtetwa will be the keynote speakers for November’s Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Johannesburg.


This will be the first time the conference is held on African soil. The conference is hosted by Wits Journalism and the Global Investigative Journalism Network from November 16 to 19.

Get ready for an extraordinary event. This year’s conference already has numerous sessions planned across a range of topics. Wits Journalism along with partners from the Global Investigative Journalism Network are still tinkering with a few sessions, but you’ll find over 150 panels, workshops, and special events, packed with top investigative reporters ready to share their skills and secrets. Be sure to take a look at the programme to see what you can expect.

The training sessions will include programming and speakers that incorporate the rich diversity of stories and methods of investigation that have emerged on the continent. Cutting edge reporting methods which are transforming journalism globally — including mobile journalism, drone reporting and virtual reality — will also be covered.

There are only a few seats left at this massive conference, be sure to get your #GIJC17 ticket. Find it here https://buff.ly/2xjoigc .