AFRIKAANS singer Robbie Klay has admitted receiving R10,000 from a family magazine to reveal that fellow singer Jurie Els allegedly molested him as a child.

Klay at first insisted money had not been his motive for revealing Els's name. It was only after extensive questioning by Els's advocate Danie Dorfling that he finally admitted receiving R10,000 from Huisgenoot/You magazine.

His revelation came a week after the story of his alleged molestation hit the headlines in an Afrikaans daily newspaper, without naming his alleged molester.

According to Klay he and the journalist had at first decided to keep Els's name a secret "because he just wanted to help children".

Asked repeatedly what had changed his mind, Klay said "it was just his decision".

Klay has alleged Els repeatedly indecently assaulted and sodomised him from the age of about 11-and-a-half until he turned 17 or 18.

Els has pleaded not guilty to two charges of indecently assaulting Klay and a charge of soliciting Klay to commit indecent acts while he was under the age of 16.

According to Klay he and his former fiancee, 19-year-old Leticia Botha, had at first repeatedly refused an interview with Huisgenoot, even after they were offered money.

It was only after the magazine contacted his publicity manager that he decided to grant an interview and reveal Els's name. He claimed he was "pressured" into doing the interview.

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