Harvest FM Station Manager, Reverend Adam Lekhoaba is fighting to
remain in Lesotho after he the Appeal Court declared him not a citizen
of the mountain kingdom, writes Mzimkhulu Sithetho.

He had earlier been declared a bona fide citizen by the High Court, but the authorities successfully appealed against this ruling.

He is now shuttling between South Africa and Lesotho, trying to renounce his South African citizenship while seeking to acquire full citizenship of his country of birth.

He lodged an urgent application with the high court last week to prevent immigration authorities from deporting him.

In court papers, he says he was told that he could only apply for the reinstatement of his Lesotho citizenship once he can prove he has renounced his SA status.

At the same time, SA authorities apparently told him he needed to prove his Lesotho citizenship if he wanted to renounce the SA status.

Upon hearing his plans to seek reinstatement as Lesotho citizen, the immigration department director said she wanted to study the appeal court judgment before making a decision on his requests.