Citation for the joint runner-up of the 2008/09 Taco Kuiper Awards:

Carte Blanche – Hammanskraal Police

tackled a local story, but one that tells a national tale: that
of petty police corruption with large-scale consequences. And they have
done it with great skill, using secret filming to great effect, nailing
the culprits on camera, confronting them with their deeds and
presenting it all in a precise, well-structured 17-minute narrative.

want to make special mention of the vigorous and courageous
interviewing of the presenter Devi Sankaree Govender who has done her
work with clarity, forcefulness and conviction.

The package as a whole
makes for very effective television, and it was gratifying to see that
they forced action to be taken against the main culprit.

View a clip from the Carte Blanche investigation.


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