Winner Taco Kuiper Awards 2007: Daily Dispatch's stories on Frere Hospital

The Daily Dispatch team's exposé of neo-natal deaths at
Frere Hospital was labelled "false" by the President and "lies" by the
Health Minister while the judges of the Taco Kuiper Awards called it "a model of
excellent and powerful journalism".

It was the work, over about three months, of Brett Horner, Chandre 
Prince and Ntando Makhubu with the support of editor Phylicia Opphelt and deputy editor Andrew Trench's news editing.

The Daily Dispatch took a single case and built it into a larger picture, setting out the context, investigating the causes and culprits. As a direct result of the team's work, the Health Minister promised to build a new labour ward, increase the hospital's
maintenance budget ten-fold, start a programme to hire extra nurses and
doctors and pay them better, and overhaul the management of the

Why Frere's babies die, July 12 2007

A mother's pain, July 13 2007

HRC and health council join Frere fray, July 14 2007

Frere a 'national emergency', July 16 2007

Two traumatised moms tell of their martenity unit ordeals, July 18 2007

Top nurse under fire, July 19 2007

Massive Frere reforms, July 23 2007


Runner-up Taco Kuiper Awards 2007: Mail & Guardian's series on police commissioner Jackie Selebi.

The Mail & Guardian did not balk at hunting down
one of the most powerful men in government. To do so required courage
and commitment, and the team amassed such compelling evidence that the story could no longer be ignored.

It was not only the quantity of
stories and evidence that won the Taco Kuiper judges' respect, but the meticulous presentation of disparate strands of evidence. The Mail & Guardian team consisted of Stefaans Brümmer, Stephen Sole,
Zukile Majova, Nic Dawes, Adriaan Basson and Pearlie Joubert.

Another rogue for Selebi's gallery, June 1 to 7 2007

Behind the raid, June 1 to 7 2007

Selebi: Another doggy friend, June 1 to 7 2007

Varejes and the Tigon collapse, June 1 to 7 2007

Scorpions spotlight back on Selebi, May 11 to 17 2007

Scorpions net closes on Selebi, May 11 to 17 2007

'Selebi took Kebble cash' – Front Page, October 19 to 25 2007

'Selebi took Kebble cash', October 19 to 25 2007

'How Selebi shielded Agliotti', October 19 to 25 2007

Pikoli: the Selebi connection, September  28 to October 4 2007

Pikoli: Selebi is the issue, September 28 to October 4 2007


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