Judges reasons
There is always one piece that stands out from the rest. Why did this
entry capture ones attention, hold it and cause discussion, debates
and, indeed, emotive reactions for many hours?

Firstly, the script is at exactly the right pace. We gained
the impression that the writer had been as touched by the peoples
circumstances as were the viewers.

There was obvious empathy underpinning the facts and desperate reality of people without an identity.

journalist was careful in considering all angles creating a balanced
and fair view. The detail was painstaking and set against an idyllic
backdrop, the people's plight was all the more poignant and frustrating.

the bigger picture, the story is important in that it highlights the
government's call for delivery and pits ordinary, poor, angry rural
people against the demands of modern society.

The script of the winning entry will be posted when available.