ThisDay, Nigeria's international media group, will launch ARISE magazine, the first global style and culture magazine dedicated to African achievements, music, business and politics, at the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, according to a report in ThisDay.

ARISE is published by THISDAY Group of newspapers in Nigeria, THISDAY PTY Limited of South Africa , New York and London for distribution worldwide.

To lead the global push of ARISE are Sidney Kley, who has been appointed as the Managing Director for Africa, and Getty Gizaw, who is now Vice-President of THISDAY New York office. Details at the weekend.

Kley, a chartered accountant, was the Finance Director of the rejuvenated THISDAY South Africa.

Other offices are being opened worldwide. The magazine will be circulated in 152 countries around the world – including the whole of Africa, Europe, US, Canada and Asian countries such as Japan and India.

The launch edition will be available on select newsstands, hotels and airlines, and subsequent editions will be available on all newsstands across the world.

The launch of ARISE magazine will take place at the Bryant Park Tents and showcase the designs of an African fashion collective: Xuly Bet of Mali, Stoned Cherrie of South Africa, MOMO and Tiffany Amber of Nigeria.

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