From the cobalt mines of eastern Congo to the hustle of Lagos, from the board rooms of Johannesburg to political backrooms in Nairobi and Addis Ababa, sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most compelling stories on the planet.

Reuters is looking for an exceptional journalist and experienced newsroom leader to run its coverage across the region.

We want engaging and insightful journalism in words, pictures, video and graphics that tells the story of a complex and dynamic continent. The ideal candidate will have deep knowledge of Africa. They will know how to break news ahead of our rivals, be able to conceptualize high-impact, memorable coverage, and be innovative in bringing stories to life. They will be at home revealing how business is building and shaping the continent. They will be equally energetic in driving our reporting on the continent’s intricate and varied political sagas.

We want someone who sees Africa as one of the world’s most exciting beats, who wants to cover its stock markets and wars, its trade patterns and tech startups, its health policies and music scenes. We want someone who has experience managing a large team across multiple countries, someone with the talent to frame our coverage and to turn good reporters into great ones. In short, we want a leader who will enhance Reuters reputation as the authority on Africa for our financial readership and media clients alike.

Essential Skills:

  • Experienced and exceptional journalist
  • Proven ability to lead from the front, running complex, fast-moving breaking news, and equally capable of switching gears to embark on deeper enterprise stories
  • Strong leadership skills to inspire, train and manage a large, diverse team
  • Sound understanding of reader and client needs across all financial asset classes
  • Ability to coordinate and drive multimedia storytelling
  • Excellent writing and editing skills with the ability to frame stories for a global audience
  • A track record of working collaboratively with editors and reporters in different locations
  • Ability to drive innovation and be willing to take calculated risks to improve news coverage
  • Diplomatic skills

Desired skills:

  • Expertise in reporting companies and business
  • Proven experience in identifying opportunities to expand readership and develop new products and ways to tell stories
  • Experience of recruiting, motivating and managing diverse teams of skilled journalists
  • A solid base of high-level contacts in the region
  • Strong and proven social media presence

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