Radio will have to fight to remain relevant

By Ntaoleng Lechela

New inventions within technology see the increase of human activity on the worldwide web. Arthur Goldstuck talked about the revolution of technology and the challenges it poses on businesses and human beings.

Arthur Goldstuck

Arthur Goldstuck

Goldstuck touched on inventions the world has seen throughout the years and how these new inventions have caused some sort of fear among human beings. With the rising use of the internet comes rising fear, he said. There has been a lack of trust in new technology however the interest continuously rises.

In another session, Tony Mallan also shared the same sentiments as Goldstuck. Mallan said, data is very expensive and this is a problem because of the growing use of the smartphone. Furthermore, Mallan questioned why someone would pay to listen to the radio through the internet whereas you can still listen to it for free via FM.


Tony  Mallan

Tony Mallan

The radio stations ability to adapt will be tested. Goldstuck said, with the growth of technology there could be less need for older technology.

Mallan explained how the Massiv Metro radio station works – as the radio station targets taxi ranks he said that free wifi be available within the ranks. Therefore, diminishing the use of data.

With the growth of streaming services and new technology at large, the radio seems to be continuously fighting for a spot to remain relevant.




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